Katherine Price Snedaker, MSW

SportsCAPP.com       Concussion Awareness and Prevention Program 
PinkConcussions.com    Information, research & stories of Female Concussion          
TeamConcussion.org       Teens helping teens through concussions

If you need medical advice for an injured child, please seek a doctor or your local ER.  Katherine maintains a list of top concussion doctors in the area if you need a referral. 

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  1. Hello, Katherine! I found your site from a comment you left on an article about Concussions in Female Athletes. I am a trainer with a martial arts background and agree about this growing danger for all athletes, male & female. My company specializes in preventing injuries from falls sustained in training and everyday life. I would be interested in linking to our respective sites if you find my work to be in connection with yours. Have a great day! Thanks, Andrew

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