Highlights of 2015

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 1.09.54 PMCity of Norwalk 1st the state to adopt Concussion Guidelines for Youth Sports

Some of Katherine’s 2015 presentations and poster appearances

  • Concussion Care Connected Community = American Academy of Neurology Sports Concussion Conference 2014 Poster, Chicago,
  • Female Concussions: UMass Concussion Conference 2015, LFullSizeRenderowell, MA; American Society of Neuroradiology Conference 2015, Chicago; Santa Clara Valley Brain Injury Conference 2015, Santa Clara, CA; American Academy of Neurology Sports Concussion Conference 2015 Poster, Chicago,
  • Sports Concussion & Technology: National Council on Youth Sports Safety – Atlanta, Chicago, LA, DC
  • Concussion Topics for School Nurses & Athletic Trainers Athletic Trainers of East Coast Conference, NCAA DII Sacred Heart University 2015, Bridgeport, CT;
  • Youth Sport Concussions and Families: Darien Public School Nurses and Oxridge PTA, King Low-Haywood School, Fairfield Prep, Norwalk Junior Lax, Norwalk Junior Soccer Association.

 What is this site about?

Sports are great – Concussions are not. But why Concussion Education so important?

With a possible head injury, a parent needs to watch their child for 27 symptoms over 1st 72 hrs and know 11 DANGER SIGNS (any 1 of 11 = means a parent should make 911 call).

Yes, there is a lot of information to know about head injuries and it is too much to memorize. But there are webpages, flyers, trainings and phone apps where a parent can be come aware and prepare in case of an injury to their child or someone else.

Don’t fear concussions, just be concussion aware and prepared, and enjoy sports with your kids.

Katherine and the SportsCAPP staff  bring concussion education to teams, coaches, schools, parents and kids to play sports safer… how to reduce risks and respond to concussions.

What is a SportsCAPP for your sports team or school?

A SportsCAPP is a Concussion “Aware and Prepare” Program for your team which involves all the members of your team — kids, parents and staff.  It is a five-step program which outlines how every member of your organization can be educated about concussions before they occur, can adapt safe practices for your sport and can be trained to react when head injury occurs to a player (or even a staff member).

Do all teams or schools need Concussion “Aware and Prepare” Programs?

Due to the increase in awareness of youth sports concussions and new litigation in almost every state, most states are working to pass concussion laws to protect their public school middle school and high school players. Each state has their own specific laws and vary widely.

The CT Concussion Law was passed in 2009, and came into effect on July 1, 2010, for all public high schools and middle schools. For the full version of the law, click here. This law appears to be very successful in addressing  concussions in public high schools, and the benefits are already been seen by coaches, players and parents. However, in the majority of CT towns, the middle schools do not provide team sports for their students beyond gym class or maybe a club sport. Most CT middle school and elementary school-aged players play lacrosse, baseball, hockey, and soccer in town leagues, recreation teams or at for-profit sports centers.

Therefore, the CT Law doesn’t cover the majority of the middle school-aged players even though the law is meant to protect this vulnerable age group because these sports are not provided by the middle schools. Also, private schools and elementary school are also not covered under this law.

What about the safety of kids playing in town, recreation league and independent team sports? What about private schools?

Players in these leagues and private schools do not currently fall under the CT law. While laws may be passed in the future to protect these groups, isn’t it a “no brainer” that all children should be protected by having all sports organizations create concussion plans?

How can this website help my team or school?

The term, SportsCAPP, and this website have been designed by Katherine Price Snedaker, MSW, to incorporate many of the concussion resources available on the web into a site that is easy to navigate, understand and implement.

Parents, coaches and even kids can find resources here to help.  The SportsCAPP website is designed to assist your team, town, private school or league begin to take steps and create a program to address concussions in your sport.  The SportsCAPP website provides links to resources that are already available on the web into an outline to help programs

to tackle this issue. Katherine is available to answer your questions, provide training for players, coaches and parents, and offer suggestions to help your program address its needs.

What is the next step?

To learn how to create Concussion “Aware and Prepare” Program for your team or league, click here or click Start Here in the menu above.



Katherine presenting “Sports Concussions and Technology” at Northside College Prep at Chicago Huddle