Relaying key information to the athlete’s parent and healthcare provider post-injury will assist in proper identification of an injury and aid in the evaluation and management process.  This process can take place using pen/paper form, phone apps or emails. Make sure there is proof in the form of paper work or email that notice to parents was made.

Questions to ask your league:

  • How will parent notification be handled?
  • What are the coaches’ responsibilities?

As soon as a child is injured, there should be a plan in place on how injures are handled by your coaches.

Notify parents or guardians as soon as possible regarding a possible concussion.

  • Will your coach have the parents’ cell phones numbers on the field or at an away game?
  • Expect parents to coordinate care with a doctor. But what if they cannot be reached?

Anticipate that some parents, especially those who don’t understand concussions, may want a coach to return their child to play even if the coach wants the child out after a possible hit to the head.  Hold your ground as concussion symptoms can take 24-48 hours to appear in an injured player.

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  1. Johanna says:

    sometime ago that when the lawyers got fihesnid screwing up our NFL, making medical decisions, the medical doctors would step in and make football decisions ..Notice now everytime a player is knocked down, onto the ground where is name might get dirty, the sportswriter and announcers along with the doctors use the word CONCUSION .. FOOTBALL was explained to me, a long time ago when we knocked each other around, that your bell might be rung , and it was

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