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  1. Eddy says:

    As a doctoral phsaicyl therapy student I was a research assistant for the orthopedic professor who had a profound interst in cervical rehabilitation. One of my primary takehome points was positioning of the neck by sepreating the neck into it’s upper-cervical and lower-cervical segments (Upper = C0 and C1; Lower = C2-C7) Neutral upper cervical flexion was emphasized. Although my details are foggy, there was a study that showed a decrease in cervical whiplash forces in cervical spines that were in this position. I wonder how this applies to concussions as the neck would not be in as stable of a postion if not in neutral position. Another take home point related to prime movers vs. local stabilizers in the neck. The professor emphasized the point that training the cervical stabilizers is best done with low load training. In short three categories I would envision being researched in relation to concussions would be cervical posture at impact, cervical stabilizer size and strength vs. prime mover size and strength, and cervical joint mobility > all in relation to concussion rate. I hope this food-for-thought is valuable. Thank-you for your valuable work!

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