Pro-Sports Concussion Presentations

Here are our current programs and they can be customized for your group – adjustable from 45 minutes to 3 hours:

For Coaches: Concussion 101

This is a course for coaches on how to apply concussion knowledge on the ice or field in a practical way to determine when a player appears to have a head injury.  

In June 2012, Sports CAPP held football coaches’ training where coaches from many local town football teams (Wilton, Westport, Weston, Fairfield, Darien, Aspetuck, Bridgeport and Norwalk) came to hear Katherine and Carmen Roda of Westport PAL discuss Concussion Basics that every coach should know plus tips for managing head injuries in practices and games plus tips for managing head injuries in practices and games.  This highly successful event will be held again as a fall sports event for soccer and hockey coaches on Sept. 13, in Westport, CT.

Topic Discussed are:

  • Concussions – You know the term, but what does it mean really?
  • Symptoms and Signs – What does it look like in a kid?
  • The Brain –  How do it work when injured?
  • Concussion Prevention – What can coaches do on & off the ice and field/
  • Covering your Butt – How to protecting yourself from a possible lawsuit if a child is injured? sadly this is needed now.
  • A Player is injured – How to handle a possible head injury on the field with an AT, without an AT and the difference between the two
  • A healed Player Returns – Are you ready to follow a Return to Play Protocol for your returning player?
  • Baseline Testing – what it is, why it is important, and why kids should not try to “trick the test?

For Parents: Concussion 101 for Parents

Concussion 1o1 Basics plus tips for managing head injuries in children & teens

This is a course for parents on how to apply concussion knowledge to determine when their child may have a head injury and how to respond.  Topics include the list above plus:

  • Concussion Prevention in childhood and teen years – How to lower your child’s risk outside of Sports?
  • Recovering from a Concussion at home, issues in school and a safe return to Sports

For Kids: “Mind Your Melon” Education Speakers 

Flexible time but recommend for middle school group is  a 45 minute program with two youth speakers – Can be girls only, boys only, or mixed groups

Along with my own Concussion 101 presentation for Kids, I have a number of amazing youth speakers who are able to really engage the kids in an unique way.  On such speaker is Chris Coyne, former Staples’ Football Captain, who is sharing his message to youth players of every sports to learn about concussions and learn how to prevent them and heal from them before it is too late. Chris suffered his sixth concussion during his second week of football practice at Yale last year as a Freshman.  While Chris can no longer play football, he is an upbeat and positive speaker with a great message for all kids about the importance of caring for their brains.  This program is suitable for kids age 7 and up. Chris  along with several other youth speakers are available with a week notice to speak at summer camps and programs. Link to a longer story about Chris.


Next Public Event is…

Sept 13 – Fall Sport Night Event

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