A concussion can make a child’s return to school very difficult. “When and how a child goes back to school” can affect recovery time. A poorly planned return to school can actually make a concussion take longer to heal. Don’t just assume your school knows how to best manage a student with a concussion. You may want to provide updated concussion information to your school BEFORE your child returns to class.

Here are some resources to help you. Please print these PDFs or email these links to your child’s teacher, principal and school nurse. Click image or text link.

NEW for Teachers







For Parents

 Guidelines for Return to School: Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania  (CHOP)







Parent’s Symptom Monitor Chart (CHOP)





For School Nurses

Fact Sheet for School Nurses from the CDC







School Symptom Monitor: Concussion Signs and Symptoms Checklist from the CDC







For Teachers

Teachers Desk Reference: Concussion (Mild TBI) from BrainSTEPS, PA






Fact Sheet for Teachers, Counselors, and School Professionals from the CDC







For Principals

For Principals-Administrators: Returning to School after a Concussion from the CDC







BRAIN 101: ORCAS School-wide Concussion Management

State Programs for Schools to manage concussions PA – BRAINSteps

OR – OCAMP (Oregon Concussion Awareness and Management Program)

CO – Colorado Dept of Ed: Concussion Management Guidelines