July’s Sports CAPP’s BEST EVER…

Katherine searches the web every day to find and update Sports CAPP’s BEST EVER resources for her twitter followers and people who follow her on my blog and FB pages. Here are the July Sports’ CAPP BEST EVER:

Best video ever  http://brain101.orcasinc.com/5000/

Best app ever http://www4.parinc.com/Products/Product.aspx?ProductID=CRR_APP

Best online FREE Training where you get a certificate http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/Training/HeadsUpConcussion.html

Best article ever on kids and football (reprinted on our site with permission) http://www.sportscapp.com/2012/08/12/sports-dr-would-i-let-my-son-play-football

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