Got Brains? Donate them, Leave a legacy.

Ladies, u played sports, had concussions? Want to leave a legacy to those girls on the soccer fields today who may need our help?

I have pledged my brain to the BU CTE study = only 5% r female pledges.

Got Brains? Donate them! Leave a Legacy… I want a photo shoot Vogue Style on the front of SI of all the amazing sports stars who will pledge their brains!

I became concussion educator after suffering # of concussions. Once in the CTE study I started asking how many other females where involved.  They are not YET even studying how the female brain is different from the male brain (yes, there are differences). 5% is not enough and we need to change that now.

Got Brains? Donate them!  Leave a legacy.

Email me [email protected] to join up –

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