Norwalk Public Schools’ Concussion Count – Aug 1 to Jan 31

While the new CT State Law requires all districts provide a number for concussions diagnosed in their students, the Norwalk School Concussion Project is going a step further and shedding the light on the various types of sport and non-sport concussions across our K-12 schools.

For the next semester, I want to breakout gym class concussions from the sports tally, and look for causes in the “home, but non-sports” concussions, especially in the high school girls.

All of this is possible because of the efforts of the Norwalk school nurses and ATs to track these students, and I am so grateful for their efforts.


The first chart below explains which concussion this school year have been covered by the state concussion law (22 concussions in green) and the second chart shows the youth sports concussions (19 concussions in red) which will be covered by the Norwalk guidelines as of April 15, 2015. The 19 youth concussions so far this year were not covered under the state law and those athletes would not have any of the benefits of the state law.


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