Review from a County-wide Sport Reporter who had attended my events and written several stories on me

It is my pleasure to endorse the skills and knowledge of Katherine Snedaker. During the past year, Katherine and I have worked together to bring much-needed attention to brain trauma that occurs in youth sports. Several things stick out about Katherine’s work.

First, she is extremely passionate and committed to her cause. No one works harder, puts in more time and is more engaged in trying to make parents aware of the dangers that children may be exposed to while playing sports.

Secondly, her knowledge in proper diagnosis, treatment and best practices is unparalleled. Katherine and I have talked extensively, and as a reporter, I barrage her with questions. She always knows the answer, and has specific examples to back up her work.

In addition, Katherine has been able to tap into the minds of teenagers to get them to open up about their issues with concussions. She is adept at working with teens whose young careers have been ended by concussions, and gets the teenagers to verbalize their fears, anxieties and concerns. Much of the credit goes to the teenagers. Katherine also should be credited for creating confidence in those children to come forward and share their stories.

She also moves easily among the various factions that are committed to athletics, including coaches, parents, children and school officials. She seems comfortable opening up dialogue with anyone willing to hear her objectives.

Katherine Snedaker has my heartiest endorsement. She would be an asset to any business concerned with providing accurate, competent and complete information interested in reducing concussion risk for children. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Katherine’s expertise.

Tom Renner [email protected]

Review from a Coach and Personal Trainer where I had a table and talked with parents/kids Sports Open House Day

As a coach, personal trainer and administrator I see the effects of concussion quite often. I full endorse the initiative of set forth by Katherine Price Snedaker at Sports CAPP is a Concussions: Aware and Prepared Program to educate athletes and their parents about the latest clinical and technological advances in concussion management.

Steven Brown, The Athletic Performance Group, Stamford, CT

Review from a School Nurse from an event where I gave a 2.5 hour lecture with group activities

Thank you so very much for the very informative seminar on concussions yesterday at Middlebrook School in Trumbull. As soon as I got to my office I ordered the materials you suggested from the CDC. I will start to use the concussion checklist sheet immediately. I’ve spoken to our four PE teachers and I will most definitely be handling bumps/falls from PE very differently than I have in the past. Thanks for sharing the latest information out there so that I can be more effective with my job as a school nurse.

Now that I understand the basics of a concussion … I can really try to relay to the parents the importance of compliance with the plan of care set out by the pediatrician/neurologist.

Liz Zadrovicz RN, BSN, Hillcrest School Nurse


Review from a Middle School Gym Teacher from an event where I gave a 2.5 hour lecture with group activities

I am a gym teacher in a middle school. Before this workshop, I had no concussion training

What information did you find practical and useful for your job?         Everything… causes, definition, signs/symptoms, stats

What information do you think could have been left out of the workshop?    Nothing should be omitted

Was the group exercise helpful to you?     Yes

Any suggestions to improve the workshop?          None


Review from a Parent from a Concussion Education Event targeted on middle school athletes

Hi Katherine – You are more then welcome to use my name and my comments below.  I have 3 children (all athletes).   My oldest is a freshman in college, where he plays lacrosse.  He received a concussion in 8th grade playing ice hockey.  My 12 year old daughter plays ice hockey and lacrosse and so this lecture was particularly pertinent for our family.  I wish my son could have heard Chris speak.  I think it is typical for teenage boys to ignore the signs and keep playing.  Good luck with your efforts.  I hope you are able to continue getting your message out there.  It is certainly a worthwhile one!!

Hi Mr. Amen – Just wanted to say that tonight’s Jr High code of conduct presentation was fantastic!  One of the better meetings I have attended over the years.

Chris Coyne’s message was invaluable!  He should speak to the Sr High students as well.  Great message from a young man that probably 90% of our Sr High athletes can identify with.  Nicely done!

Thank you so much

Danielle Faria

Executive Vice President

Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation


Review from Howard Bloom, Radio Host of Sports Biz Today, who has had Katherine on his show 6 times 

Katherine – You’ve been amazing, great and very important to both of our (radio) shows. The two shows have different audiences and I mean this – only our best guests are asked to appear on both shows, let alone both shows in the same week. We may ask you some of the questions we asked you earlier week, again a different audience but I really want to talk about the Pop Warner story.

Howard Bloom
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