Concussions sometime change the lives of the players and their families.

Usually these changes are temporary but sometimes a concussion can last for months or even over a year.

If you are a teen with concussion and would like peer support?

  • Here is a website for teens to help teens with concussions. Visit Team Concussion by clicking here
  • Katherine can match you with someone your age who has recovered from a concussion and volunteered to reach out to kids currently suffering from a concussion – maybe a kid who plays your sport or someone close in age for texting or emails or a call.

If you are a parent or a sibling of a child with a concussion and would like support?

  • Please call or email Katherine and she can match you with a mom who have been in the same difficult situation.
  • Visit Team Concussion by clicking here

Click the icons below to find Team Concussion on Facebook or or