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Is The Xenith Shadow XR Football Helmet Safe?

Football is a game of passion, competition and discipline, and, for a player to perform at his very best each week, he/she needs to feel confident. Sticking your nose in the playbook can improve confidence just by being able to align before the ball is snapped. But, what if you’re a little dizzy after taking a big hit? Will all that studying and practicing help you at that point?

Here’s the deal, football is fun and can be considered the best team game ever invented. At its core, though, football is a very viscous game. So, if you’re thinking about signing your kid up or you want to take your game to the next level, you’ll need a helmet that’s built for safety and performance. Once you have a helmet that you feel confident with, you can start flying around making plays all day.

Let’s take a look and see if the Xenith Shawdow XR can offer you the confidence and swag you need so you can play at a high level.

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Introducing the Xenith Shadow XR Football Helmet

The hotly anticipated Xenith Shadow XR helmet is considered as the most comfortable and balanced-feeling football helmet by the Virginia Tech helmet rating system. They rated it a 5 out of 5 stars, along with the NFLPA Top Performing Group based on safety / intelligence, balance and comfort.

The company Xenith was founded in 2007 by Vin Ferrara, a former Harvard Quarterback who was highly recruited by IVY League and Division 1A programs. His former Head Coach at Harvard was quoted saying, “With Vin, so much of his is mental, such a good feel for the game.” Ferrara is currently a partner at Concord Health Partners and he has been on the cutting edge of concussion prevention, something we value tremendously here at SportsCapp.com.

Before we tackle everything there is to know about Ferra’s Xenith Shadow XR, there’s a few things you’ll want to consider before making a purchase on a helmet.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Helmet

Here are the 3 most important factors to consider in a helmet before finalizing your order:

#1: Safety

#2: Performance

#3: Fit

Let’s see if this helmet has those three key factors.


Features and Benefits of the Xenith Shadow XR


The Shadow XR has a polymer shell. It is 10% lighter than traditional materials and can withstand over 10,000 hits after intense testing in Xenith’s lab. Having this stat line and the fact that it was actually tested adds extra value to it.

Optimal Comfort

On the Shadow XR product page, there’s a cool graphic (looks like a GIF) that shows how this helmet has no hotspots compared to their competition. Xenith has an excellent fitting system which they call the adaptive fit system with RHEON cells. The jaw pads provide the necessary cushion and an even pressure distribution on the head. Having this system not only makes this helmet optimally comfortable, but it also provides top-performing protection and a snug, secure fit, with zero hotspots.

Feels Light So You Can Play Fast

No football player wants to worry about having a heavy helmet that slows them down. Even if it’s a mental thought they have, it’s important to have a light helmet that’s also going to provide the best protection. This helmet provides even weight distribution, a low center of gravity and a titanium lightweight facemask. Super light so you can play fast.

Breathable: The shell itself has large vents in the front and rear. It also has the RHEON shock geometry. This allows for cool air to flow through the helmet and also for hot hair to escape.

Xenith’s Helmet Technology

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the most advanced technologically designed helmet? Here’s what Xenith Shadow XR can provide (technically speaking):

Adaptive Fit System

The Adaptive Fit System encompasses these three key components:

#1: Internal Shock Matrix – This technology provides an even, uniform pressure system that harnesses the shock involved in giving and receiving BIG HITS.

#2: Integrated Chinstrap – This chinstrap is strategically design to create the perfect fit and tightness around the chin, face, and forehead.

#3: Decoupled Shell – This is strategically attached to the shock matrix in 4 key locations.

Without question, Xenith has covered this helmet in every angle imaginable.


Energy Control: Who Takes The Biggest Hit?

It’s all about energy, and, for Xenith, it’s positive energy that rules their world. Perhaps, it could rule yours as well. Taking a big hit happens in football, but does the Xenith Shadow XR help reduce the impact on a collision?

There are two types of impact hits, according to experts in the concussion field:

Linear Impact

RHEON cells compress so that it controls the linear impact. This helps slow down the hit and have a less “vicious” blow to the head.

Rotational Impact

Making sure your neck doesn’t flop around like a hot potato, the rotational impact is key to reducing head injuries. RHEON cells shear to control rotational impact by reducing the movement of the head. The less the head moves, the more safe you’re going to be.


High Safety Ratings: 5-star helmet by The Virginia Tech Helmet Rating

VT is the world leader in varsity football helmet ratings, as their lab tests and evaluates a helmet’s ability to reduce linear and rotational impact of the head. 5 stars is the best rating they can give, while 0 stars is something they cannot recommend.

5 star rating by Virginia Tech helmet testing

So how does the Xenith rank in Virginia Tech’s helmet rating system?

After rigorous testing, they gave it a 5 star rating. This means they can fully recommend the helmet for players to use during play.

What Buyers are Saying About the Xenith Shadow XR?

After scouring the internet to see the football players that bought and used this helmet, we found that Amazon has one 5 star review and Xenith’s site has twelve 5 star reviews out of twelve verified purchases. Each customer has absolutely raved about the comfort, how easy it is to take it on and off, and how light it feels while running around.

Check out what these players say:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do you size the Shadow XR Xenith?

A: Here’s a quick video on fitting your new Xenith helmet:

Q: Is the Xenith Shadow XR legitimately safe?

A: With a 5 star rating by the Virginia Tech Helmet Rating System, the Xenith Shadow XR is very safe for players looking for a lightweight and effective helmet.

Q: Does the Shadow XR reduce concussions?

A: The Xenith is one of the best football helmets in today’s market, and it’s also been supported as the best football helmet to prevent concussions. That said, any player at any time can get a concussion while playing any sport, even if they are equipped with the best helmet for concussion prevention.

Final Thoughts

Football can teach us valuable lessons from teamwork to discipline. It has also proved to be a violent sport, and, if you don’t have the best protection, you could get seriously injured. Thanks to helmet companies like Xenith being on the cutting edge of concussion prevention, players now have the means to get advanced equipment to protect their heads.